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Coors Remodeling of Lafayette, IN:
A local, family-owned remodeling company specializing in interior/exterior remodeling and room additions with exceptional custom design services.

See what our happy clients have to say about Coors Remodeling in Lafayette, IN

“I hired Coors to install new windows and siding on my house and garage. They showed up on time, kept a clean work-site, and finished on time and under budget. They were a pleasure to work with, and I would hire them again.”

daniel mason review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana
-Daniel Mason

“I was surprised at how well this complicated project went! They stayed on schedule with only a slight delay due to weather, were always punctual, professional, and very responsive to changes in the project generated by us as homeowners. I would employ them again. They charge top dollar, but it's certainly worth it to us, and we got the quality and service that were promised.”
review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana by donald platt
-Donald Platt

“Coors did a Great job; the project went just as I was told and turned out better.”
ken jones review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana
– Ken Jones

“The roof replacement took one day total. the crew was very professional and very kindly endured my walking around, taking pictures and asking questions. I would hire Coors Remodeling again for any of my construction needs. I Highly recommend them!”
review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana by kathy dyer
-Kathy Dyer

“Wonderful work. We originally purchased this Window through Coors 17 years ago. The seal broke and the window was cloudy. I wasn't sure if it had a warranty or for how many years it lasted. I called Coors and they looked up my order and it was covered! They came out with the window installer and made sure everything was right. I did not have to wait very long, they came at a time that was convenient for me and it was done quickly and professionally.”
aimee pugh review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana
-Aimee Pugh

“Bart and Vince and their able crew did a wonderful job in remodeling our home. Robert and Christian always made sure to clean up the workplace in the yards each day. They are personable and professional, as was The Project Consultant when he walked through the options and fees. If you have need for project-level remodel services, call Coors Remodeling. We are very happy customers, and you will be, too. They have a long history of proper service to clients in the Tippecanoe County area. Highly recommended.”

-David Leininger

“I highly recommend Coors. About 5 years ago I called in four roofing companies to give me estimates on a new roof. Coors was one of the four companies. The three other companies quoted prices, but Bart from Coors said that I didn't need a new roof yet (I just needed some minor repairs...for which Coors did a great job).
Five years later, I had a small leak around the fireplace. Again...I called in four estimates. I KNEW I needed a new roof, I had pushed it far enough. Coors was a bit higher ($500), but the service and professionalism was worth the extra (plus, they didn't take advantage of me five years earlier). I went with Coors. As it turned out, I was out of town the week the roof was re-shingled. It was fine...Bart Coors had my cell number and email. He checked in, told me how things were progressing. No problems at all. When I came home, I had new shingles. Perfect. A really fantastic experience all around. I recommend Coors any time!”
review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana by rw

Coors Exteriors is a family owned and operated company. The owner does his own estimates. I was impressed with Coors from the start. They were willing to do the job any way we wanted it done. I did get estimates for the job for less money, but Coors is using the thickest and the best product available. I would pay a little more to get the job done right. I know a little about construction and knew that the roof needed several things fixed. But I didn't tell Coors about everything. So I stood back and watched them fix everything that I pointed out and also everything that I didn't mention. I can say without a doubt that Coors is an honest company that you can completely trust. You don't need to know anything about roofing. They will take care of your home as if it were theirs. They cleaned up their mess every day before leaving. The roof is outstanding. It turned out better than I hoped it would.”

-Sherry Bogue

“Professional service. From the beginning interview to the last project, Coors Exteriors were total professionals: courteous, knowledgeable, and friendly. Projects were done in a timely manner. They treated our house as if it was their own, taking the time to do the job correctly and always cleaned up the area before leaving. Their inventive solutions for problems were amazing. The results were better than the original and existing areas. It is difficult not to be over enthusiastic about their work. All the guys were great, and we would not hesitate to call them again. We would and have recommended their services to anyone who is looking for a professional construction company. You won’t be disappointed with the results.”

-Ron King

“We contacted Coors for a quote on a new front French door. Scott came out within a week to take a look at the door we were hoping to replace. I was very impressed that he took the entire trim off my existing door to get an accurate measurement for the new door. He provided us with a quote for the new door within the week and kept in great contact with us while the door was ordered. When they installed the new door, they did a fantastic job and even took the extra time and effort to match the trim stain exactly. We couldn't have asked for a better end result! In fact, we are having them replace another door next month. Very professional, punctual, and great to work with!”

review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana from jason biss
-Jason Biss

“Very well! The house is nearly inaccessible and three stories. Work was done safely and efficiently.”
james erdman review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana
-James Erdman

“Coors is very professional; they always left the job site clean and neat, the house looks beautiful.”
review for coors home remodeling lafayette indiana from donald boedker
- Donald Boedeker

“Excellent work performed! All work was done in a timely and professional manner. Job site outside / inside was cleaned up each day, and all debris was removed from site. Siding, fireplace, and deck all look great and were each very professionally installed. Workers addressed all of my specific concerns as they arose during the job—taking in stride all of the job modifications/clarifications I brought up.”

-Orlo Shoop

“Overall I highly recommend Coors Exteriors for whatever work you might want completed. The deck and roof look great. It's very professional, and we are beyond happy with the results. Now we can sit out on our deck in the evenings, and the dogs (and us) can go outside even if it's raining or snowing and not get wet!”

-Susan Stoker

“Excellent quality, work done on time, friendly workmen, very clean job site, lots of compliments from neighbors. Coors Remodeling took care of permit and inspections.”

– Mary Robinson

“Very, very professional. Bart was very helpful and was easy to work with. His crew was also professional and did a superb job.”

- Rhonda Carrignan

Why Choose Us?

You Are One Step Closer to Becoming Family!

We like to say, “We’re not just a family company, we’re a company of families.”

I know that finding the perfect contractor for your home, family, and budget can often be a challenging and frustrating process. That is why my family is on a mission to reinvent our industry! We take the guesswork and apprehension out of home remodeling, adding to your home, and home repairs.

We want our customers to be empowered, informed, and engaged with the remodeling and home repair process. And, as a family-owned business—transparency, integrity, and craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we do.

After completing thousands of projects spanning more than 28 years, our family business has continued to grow, while other companies have come and gone. We remain strong because we believe in strengthening our community by providing good wages, excellent training, and exceptional service and communication for our clients.

With our certified and credentialed craftsmen installing only the highest-quality products, you can rest assured that your project will provide many years of worry-free pleasure and protection. Our motto is, “Do it once; do it right!"

I look forward to welcoming you into the Coors family!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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